Transit News (newsletter of the St. Louis Public Service Company), 1944-1962. (From June 1944 to February 1956, the newsletter was published monthly. From April 1956 to June 1960, the newsletter was titled Transit News Letter. From fall 1960 to summer 1962, the newsletter was titled Transit News Quarterly.)

The St. Louis Public Service Company operated the bus and streetcar system in St. Louis. These newsletters include information relating to company officers, bus drivers, streetcar conductors, mechanics, repairmen, foremen, accountants, and other employees and their families, including: brief obituaries of employees and former employees that usually include the individual’s date of birth and date of death; articles on retiring employees that include a history of their service with the company and are often accompanied by a photograph; letters of appreciation from the public complimenting the service of individual bus drivers; articles on employees serving in the military during World War II; photographs of employees on company bowling, golf, and softball teams; photographs of employees at work; and lists of employees celebrating years in service with the company. Please note that some references only mention an individual.

Location: John J. Carroll Papers, Archives
Categories: Businesses