St. Louis assessor dog tax list, 1875

This volume lists the numbers of dogs owned by individuals in the first assessment district of St. Louis in 1875, and which were subject to a dog tax. The volume primarily covers the Soulard neighborhood and parts of present-day Kosciusko, Lafayette Square, Lasalle Park, Marine Villa, and Benton Park. Entries include name of owner, street address, number of dogs, and amount of tax. In many cases, the spelling of last names appeared to be inaccurate. In these cases, St. Louis city directories were consulted in an attempt to determine the proper spelling. The presumed correct spelling was entered in the "Last Name, Alternate Spelling" field. Some of the street names in this part of St. Louis have been changed since 1875.

Location: St. Louis Assessor Dog Tax List, Archives
Categories: Government Records