“Damage Done to St. Louis Property. Republic Reporters Make a Tour of the Stricken District and Obtain Approximate Estimates of Losses.” (St. Louis Republic, May 31, 1896, Part II, pages 14-15).

This newspaper article includes approximate estimates of losses incurred by residents, businesses, schools, and institutions from the devastating tornado that struck St. Louis on May 27, 1896. Entries include name of resident, business, school, or institution; address; and monetary estimate of loss (for example, “George Persch, 1201 Dolman street, $3,000”). Article also includes a sketch of the ruins of the residence of Dr. Hugo Starkloff. In some cases, city directories and other sources were consulted to determine the proper spelling of surnames and business names that appear to have been misspelled.

Location: Library Vertical File--Tornadoes-Missouri-St. Louis (1896)-Damage Estimates
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