Pictorial St. Louis, the Great Metropolis of the Mississippi Valley: A Topographical Survey Drawn in Perspective, A.D. 1875 / by Camille N. Dry, designed and edited by Rich. J. Compton

This publication includes 110 plates that include bird’s-eye drawings of St. Louis. Many of the buildings shown on these plates are numbered, and a corresponding number below the plate indicates the name of the resident, business, church, school, etc. that occupied that building. Interspersed between the plates are more than 100 text pages that include write-ups of St. Louis businesses, schools, churches, institutions, parks, street railways, and railroads. References to “pages” in this index refer to information on the text pages; references to “plates” refer to building images in the bird’s-eye view drawings.

Location: Reading Room / St.L. / 9.17 / C73
Categories: Businesses, General