"Name Index to Soldiers and Citizens Tried Before Military Commissions and General Court Martials, Department of the Missouri, 1861-1864" / compiled by Dennis Northcott, 1996

This source indexes abstracts of cases published in the General Orders, Department of the Missouri, 1861-1864. These abstracts include information regarding the charge, sentence, and finding of the court. Defendants in these cases are both soldiers and citizens, brought before military commissions or general court martials for such offenses as desertion, drunkenness, mutiny, taking up arms against the federal government, aiding rebels, violating the oath of allegiance, murder, etc. In cases of murder, the name of the victim has also been included in this index. These General Orders encompass the following military departments: Department of the West, January 29-May 30, 1861 (Orders 1-12); Western Department, July 25-November 2, 1861 (Orders 1-27); Department of the Missouri, November 19-December 30, 1861 (Orders 1-36), January 1-March 12, 1862 (Orders 1-61), and September 24-December 28, 1862 (Orders 1-39); Department of the Mississippi, March 13-July 17, 1862 (Orders 1-40); Department of the Missouri, January 6-December 31, 1863 (Orders 1-152), and January 8-December 31, 1864 (Orders 1-247).

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