The Associate (Stix, Baer & Fuller employee magazine), 1952-1955, 1957

The Associate was a weekly employee magazine published by the Stix, Baer & Fuller department store in St. Louis. The magazine includes articles and announcements relating to company employees and their families. Some articles are accompanied by photographs (some of these photographs are individual portraits; others are group photographs). Please note that many of these entries are brief (i.e., "Mrs. Margaret Whalen (Area 56) has returned to work after being ill." "Mrs. Ruth Farris (Soda Fountain) is spending her vacation with her son who just came home from service.") In cases in which it was determined that a surname was misspelled in the magazine, the presumed correct spelling has been added in a "Last Name, Alternate Spelling" field.

Location: St.L. / 05 / As78
Categories: Businesses