Medical Scrapbooks

The Medical Scrapbooks (four volumes) comprise photocopies of newspaper clippings relating primarily to St. Louis physicians and dentists clipped mostly from St. Louis newspapers and compiled into scrapbooks by the staff of the Missouri Historical Society library. These clippings include obituaries; articles regarding appointments, retirements, and awards; biographical sketches; and articles regarding hospitals and medical colleges. Some of the articles are accompanied by a portrait. Most of the clippings in these scrapbooks are dated circa 1910s-1960s. In most cases, the name and date of the newspaper from which the clipping was clipped is written on the article ("P-D" for St. Louis Post-Dispatch, "G-D" for St. Louis Globe-Democrat, "Rep" for Missouri Republican/St. Louis Republic).

Location: Oversize / St.L. / 610 / C61
Categories: Medical, Professions