Dienst-Buch des Gruetli Vereins in St. Louis Mo. [Membership diary for Gruetli Association in St. Louis, Mo.], 1861-1892

Entries in this volume include the member's name, birthplace (town and canton), birth year, occupation, date of his enrollment in the Gruetli Verein, changes of residence, dates of visitation of the sick and attendance at funerals, and other remarks regarding the member (i.e., appointed treasurer, suspended due to nonpayment of dues, etc.). Some entries include the member's date of death. The back of the volume contains two separate lists: (1) Pages 294-297 contain a listing of the deceased members after the burial fund of $300 for each took effect on January 1, 1878. This list includes the member's name, birth year, date of death, name of town and canton of birth, date of enrollment in the organization, occupation, and amount of burial funds distributed. (2) Page 302 contains a listing of the deceased wives of members since January 1, 1878. These entries usually include the wife's death date. (in German with some English)

Location: St. Louis Gruetli Verein-St. Louis Schweizer Bund Records, Archives
Categories: Organizations and Institutions