World War I: Biography and Service Records: Persons Who Enlisted in St. Louis City and County

Shortly after the end of World War I, the Adjutant General's Office of the state of Missouri began a project to compile a biographical and service record of Missouri soldiers, sailors and marines who served in World War I. The Missouri Historical Society was authorized to collect this information and to arrange the records of those who entered service from St. Louis City and County. The information was collected by questionnaire and participation was voluntary, so the records are not complete. The questionnaires usually include such information as the serviceman's current address, dates of enlistment and discharge, details about his service, date and place of birth, occupation, parents' names, wife's name, and school or college attended. In some cases only a photograph is available, without a questionnaire. These questionnaires are only for servicemen who entered service from St. Louis City and County.

Location: Reading room / St. Louis shelves
Categories: Military