Official Record. Minutes and Historical Review of the St. Louis German Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church: Fortieth Annual Session Held at Eden Church, St. Louis, Mo., September 9-13, 1925 (Warrenton, Mo.: Press, Banner Pub. Co., [1925])

This book contains brief biographical sketches (pages 44-47, 67-73); portraits; a roster of deaths of ministers' wives that includes date and place of birth, date of marriage, name of husband, date of death, and place of burial (pages 102-103); a roster of widows of deceased ministers that contains the widow's date of birth and place of birth, date of marriage, and name of husband (page 104); a roster of retired ministers that contains date of birth and place of birth (pages 138-139); and a roster of ministers that sometimes includes year of death (pages 140-146).

Location: MO / 287 / M56sg
Categories: Religious