The Pullman News (Chicago, Illinois: Pullman Company), 1923-1958 (incomplete run)

The Pullman News was an employee magazine published by The Pullman Company, which manufactured and operated sleeping cars on railroads in North America. This company employee magazine includes articles and brief announcements relating to porters, maids, clerks, managers, conductors, and other company employees, many of whom were African Americans. Some articles are accompanied by photographs of employees (some of these photographs are individual portraits; others are group photographs). This index only includes references to employees from the St. Louis area. The magazine frequently includes lists of employees who had performed acts of courtesy or good service. Names that appear in these lists were usually only indexed one time. Please note that in many cases references in this index refer to brief announcements regarding employees (i.e., "J.H. Young was injured in an auto accident." "C.A. Scharr retired June 1." "Sympathy to Mrs. W.W. Manuel on the death of her husband.") In cases in which it was determined that a surname was misspelled in the magazine, the correct spelling has been added in an "alternate spelling" field.

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