Mercantile-Commerce News / Mercantile News, November 1947-November 1969 (published in the interest of the employees of Mercantile-Commerce Bank and Trust Company and later the Mercantile Trust Company).

This employee magazine of Mercantile-Commerce Bank and Trust Company (later known as Mercantile Trust Company) was titled Mercantile-Commerce News from its inaugural issue dated November 12, 1947, through the issue dated August 13, 1951. Beginning with the issue dated August 30, 1951, the publication was titled Mercantile News. (In September 1951, Mercantile Trust Company was formed from the consolidation of Mississippi Valley Trust Company and Mercantile-Commerce Bank and Trust Company.) This company employee magazine includes articles and brief announcements relating to employees of the Mercantile-Commerce Bank and Trust Company and the Mercantile Trust Company. These magazine issues include articles relating to the military service of employees; articles and photographs regarding company sports teams; articles about employees' hobbies; obituaries; and announcements of births and marriages. Some articles are accompanied by photographs of employees (some of these photographs are individual portraits; others are group photographs). Please note that in many cases references in this index refer to brief announcements regarding employees (i.e., "Thelma Giese is back with us after a short absence due to an ankle injury." "Lydia Menke visited with her son and his family in California while on her recent vacation.") In cases in which it was determined that a surname was misspelled in the magazine, the correct spelling has been added in an "alternate spelling" field.

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