Hodiamont Notes, January-March 1906

Hodiamont Notes was a newsletter published in St. Louis by the Hodiamont Publishing Company, an organization of merchants whose aim was to promote the Hodiamont community. The newsletter states that "Hodiamont extends south to Delmar avenue, north to Page avenue, east to Hamilton avenue, and west to the Missouri river." The newsletter includes advertisements for Hodiamont businesses; notes regarding meetings of the Hodiamont Business Men's Improvement Association, including lists of the board of directors and committee members; some birth and marriage announcements; and notes about residents of Hodiamont (i.e., "Mrs. W.R. O'Neil is visiting relatives and friends in Cincinnati and Indianapolis. She will be absent several weeks." "Luke Tiernan will soon begin the construction of a new building at Ferguson and Schofield avenues.")

Location: St.L. / 05 / H66
Categories: Communities