Physical Effects of Compressed Air, and of the Causes of Pathological Symptoms Produced on Man, by Increased Atmospheric Pressure Employed for the Sinking of Piers, in the Construction of the Illinois and St. Louis Bridge over the Mississippi River at St. Louis, Missouri, by A. Jaminet, M.D. (St. Louis, Mo.: R. and T.A. Ennis, stationers and printers, 1871)

This book includes Dr. Jaminet's notes regarding the symptoms and treatment of patients working on the construction of the Illinois and St. Louis Bridge (now known as the Eads Bridge). These notes usually include the patient's age, country of birth, and amount of time he'd been working on the bridge. The book also includes two lists of workers whose urine was examined. Entries in these lists contain age, amount of time worked in the air chamber, specific gravity number, and chemical reaction [neutral, alkaline, acid].) In cases of death, a post-mortem examination is usually included. In this index, the page references refer to the pages in which a particular individual is discussed. These page references are oftentimes followed by additional page references in parentheses, which refer to the pages that provide the broader context that may include relevant information for researchers.

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