Friedens Messenger, 1932-1933 (three issues of the newsletter of Friedens Evangelical Church dated October 23, 1932; November-December 1932; and February 1933)

Friedens Evangelical Church was located in the city of St. Louis. The Friedens Messenger was a church newsletter. Most of the index entries fall under one of the following categories: (1) A memorial list of those buried during the last church year, which only contains the individual's name (death date is not included) and in the cases of married women, her maiden name is included. (2) Congratulatory notes upon church's 75th anniversary. (3) Birth announcements that include the child's name, parents' names (including mother's maiden name), residential address, sponsors' names, birth date, and date of baptism. References in this index to birth announcements may refer to the child's name or the parents' names. (4) Marriage announcements that include the groom's name, the bride's name, and notes about the couple and/or the wedding. (5) Death announcements that usually include the birth date, death date, date and location of funeral, name of cemetery, and survivors' names.

Location: St.L. / 284.1 / F913m
Categories: Religious