The Pageant and Masque of St. Louis registration cards, 1914

The Pageant and Masque was a historical drama of the history of St. Louis that was performed before huge crowds on Art Hill in Forest Park from May 28 to May 31, 1914. In conjunction with this event, the St. Louis Pageant Drama Association printed cards titled "Sons and Daughters of St. Louis." For a fee of 25 cents, St. Louisans had the opportunity to fill out these registration cards for the historical records of the pageant. The cards asked for the individual's name, place of birth, date of birth, date of arrival in St. Louis, present address, present occupation, father's name and country of birth, mother's name and country of birth, and number of descendants. The back of the card asked for "Interesting Incidents in Family History." Individual's who filled out the cards did not always answer each question on the card. Some cards were filled out for family members who were no longer living. Some families filled out cards for each family member. In some cases the individual does not currently reside in St. Louis. It appears that most of the cards were filled out by members of prominent families. Only a small percentage of those who filled out cards wrote anything on the back of the card, under the heading "Interesting Incidents in Family History." Some cards include an attached note with additional biographical information. In some cases individuals wrote a street address in the "Place of Birth" blank. Thus, in this index the address field may include the individual's birth place in addition to his or her present address.

Location: St. Louis Pageant and Masque Records, Archives
Categories: Organizations and Institutions