Memorial book of the Concord Farmers Club, 1877-1958 (photocopy)

The Concord Farmers Club was located in south St. Louis County. This three-volume memorial book contains handwritten memorial sketches of members of the club who died between 1877 and 1958. The memorial sketches usually include the member's date and place of birth, date of death, place of burial, and other biographical notes. Parents' names and wife's name (if married) are often included. Please note that the index entries refer not only to the name of the deceased member, but also the names of those within each memorial sketch (i.e., wife's name, children's names, parents' names, name of business partner). If an index entry refers to a memorial sketch of a club member, the REMARKS field contains the phrase "memorial sketch of"; if an index entry refers to an individual mentioned in a memorial sketch, the REMARKS field contains the phrase "mentioned in a memorial sketch."

Location: Oversize / MO / 920 / C744c
Categories: Death Records, Organizations and Institutions