Record of Patients Sent to the St. Louis Smallpox Hospital During the Years Ending March 31, 1895, and March 31, 1896. Tables published in the 18th and 19th Annual Reports of the Health Commissioner, City of St. Louis, for the years ending March 31, 1895, and March 31, 1896.

Entries in these rosters include date, patient's name, race, age, sex, occupation, residence, vaccination status (i.e., "no mark," "poor mark," "good mark"), result (i.e., "received" or "died"), and remarks (i.e., "claims vac. 1 year ago," "developed at Quarantine"). In cases in which a street address was given as the place of residence, that address has been included in this index.

Location: St.L. / 614 / Sa2h
Categories: Medical