The Wabash Club Souvenir (1916 and 1923 editions). The 1916 edition is titled The Wabash Club Souvenir Book; the 1923 edition is titled The Wabash Club Souvenir.

The Wabash Club was founded in 1911. The purpose of the club was "to cultivate and foster good-fellowship among the officers and employees of the Wabash Railway Company, and to discuss, formulate and execute plans which shall have in view the mutual benefit of the members and the Company." The grounds of the club were located in Ferguson, St. Louis County, Missouri. This index contains references to photographs of members of the club that appear in the 1916 and 1923 editions of The Wabash Club Souvenir. Most of the photographs are individual portraits; however, the publications also include a group photograph of the Wabash Banners baseball team (1922) and a group photograph of Wabash Railway officials and Wabash Club members (1916). Photographs of members from outside the St. Louis area were not included in this index. This index also includes a few references to advertisements that include a portrait or a building illustration.

Location: MO / 9.11 / F381
Categories: Organizations and Institutions, Portraits