Lists of Physicians and Midwives Whose Licenses Were Recorded During the Year . . ., published in four issues of the Annual Report of the Health Commissioner for the years ending March 31, 1894 (17th Annual Report); March 31, 1895 (18th Annual Report), March 31, 1896 (19th Annual Report), and March 31, 1897 (20th Annual Report). (The list published in the 17th Annual Report is titled "List of Physicians and Midwives Whose Certificates Entitling to Practice Were Recorded During the Year.")

Entries in these lists usually contain the physician or midwife's name, date of record, name of medical school, and year of diploma. Entries in the 20th Annual Report do not contain the year of diploma; entries in the 17th Annual Report also include the date of state certificate.

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