Missouri Republican death index, January 1, 1870-July 13, 1871 and January 1, 1880-July 2, 1881.

This index is the result of a column-by-column reading of the Missouri Republican newspaper for the noted date ranges. The references include the date the article appears in the newspaper, followed by the page number and column number. For example, the reference "1-2-1870, 2:5" indicates that the article appears in the newspaper dated January 2, 1870, on page 2, column 5. References that are followed by a "(D)," "(C)," or "(B)," indicate that the article is a death notice, coroner's inquest, or burial permit, respectively. Death notices usually include the decedent's age, place and date of death, and funeral arrangements; cause of death and names of parents or spouse are sometimes included. When the place of death was not indicated, it was presumed to be St. Louis and is noted as such in this index. Coroner's inquests describe the cause of death and circumstances surrounding the death. Burial permits were first published in the Missouri Republican on May 10, 1881, and usually include the decedent's name, age, address, and cause of death. References that are not followed with a "D," "C," or "B" were taken primarily from the following sections of the newspaper: City Brevities, Notes about Town, Missouri Items, Illinois Items, East St. Louis Items, and Belleville Items. This index also includes feature obituaries of prominent individuals. In a small number of cases, an article states that an individual has been severely wounded or is ill and is expected to die; such articles have been indexed here.

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