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DetailsLast NameFirst NameMaiden NameCorporate NameAddress
DetailsTiemannL.4300 Gravois Ave.
DetailsSexauer7509 South Broadway
Detailswharf at foot of Spruce St.
Detailslevee at foot of Poplar St.
DetailsWalnut St. east of 8th St.
Details8th St. north of Market St.
Detailssoutheast corner Newstead Ave. and Olive St.
Detailsnortheast corner Taylor Ave. and Finney Ave.
DetailsGrand and Gravois
DetailsGravois Ave. near Beethoven St.
DetailsGrand Ave. near Hartford St.
DetailsGrand Ave. near Arsenal St.
DetailsGravois Ave. east of Grand Ave.
Details1939-1941 Lynch; 1943 Lynch St.; 1945 Lynch St.
Detailssouthwest corner of Jefferson Ave. and Eads Ave.
Detailssoutheast corner of Gravois and Chippewa
Detailssouthwest corner of Keokuk St. and California Ave.
DetailsMcPherson Ave. west of Boyle Ave.