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DetailsLast NameFirst NameCorporate NameAddress
DetailsGus Bange BakeryGrand and Wyoming
DetailsBilgere Motor Co.Grand and St. Louis Ave.
DetailsBaden Ice Cream Company8452 North Broadway
DetailsDau, the House Furnisher, Inc.2021-2023 Cass Ave.; 2649 Cherokee St.; 5950-5952 Easton Ave.
DetailsPaule's Feed Supply7932 Ivory Ave.
DetailsJul. Petersen Seed Co.709 Carroll St.
DetailsStaudte & Rueckoldt Manufacturing Co.112 Soulard St.
DetailsNohl & Nohl
DetailsA. Kron Livery & Undertaking Co.2707 North Grand Ave.
DetailsJ.H. Gebken Livery and Undertaking Co.2329 South Jefferson Ave.; 2842 Meramec St.
DetailsArnold Furniture Company1038-1040-1042 North Taylor Ave.
DetailsAskemeyer Undertakers5195 Vernon
DetailsKeystone Jewelry & Optical Co.7629 Ivory Ave.
DetailsE. Morgenthaler & Co.1000 Wash St.
DetailsF. Hartman Sunlight Bakery1015 McCausland Ave.
DetailsHotchner Fur Co.8th and Locust Sts.
DetailsPeerless Light Company of Missouri825 Washington Ave.
DetailsHind, Fuchs & Niermann Co.4th and Franklin Ave.
DetailsRobert's "Home Like" Funeral Parlors1905 South Grand Ave.