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DetailsLast NameFirst NameCorporate NameAddress
DetailsWestern Brewery Co.
DetailsWainwright Brewing Co.
DetailsStar Brewery Co.
DetailsSt. Louis Iron & Machine WorksChouteau Ave., Main and 2nd Sts.
DetailsSeibel-Suessdorf Copper & Iron Manufacturing Co.northeast corner 2nd and Lombard Sts.
DetailsRudolph Stecher's Cooperage Works2907-2931 South 7th St.
DetailsPhoenix Brewing Co.
DetailsLiberty Brewing Co.
DetailsKupferle Bros. Manufacturing Co.600-602-604 North 2nd St.; 119 Washington Ave.
DetailsKlausman Brewery
DetailsJohn O'Brien Boiler Works Co.11th, 12th, Mullanphy and Howard Sts.
DetailsHyde Park Brewery
DetailsHome Brewing Co.
DetailsHeim Brewing Co.
DetailsH. Grone Brewery
DetailsGreen Tree Brewery
DetailsGilsonite Roofing & Paving Co.
DetailsExcelsior Brewery Co.
DetailsEssmueller and Barry21st and Walnut Sts.
DetailsE. Jungenfeld & Co.