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DetailsLast NameFirst NameLast Name, Alternate SpellingCorporate NameAddress
DetailsA.B. Dewes Printing & Stationery Co.Pine at 22nd
DetailsAllhoff Brothers, Inc.
DetailsAmerican Cone and Pretzel Co.
DetailsArctic Ice Cream and Dairy Co.4424-4430 West Papin St.
DetailsBader's1110 Locust St.
DetailsBalfay's Framing & Art Company3520 Franklin Ave.
DetailsBoldt-Schleusner17 North Central Ave.
DetailsCentral Engraving Company
DetailsFrancis, Bro. & Co.4th & Olive Sts.
DetailsGoddard Grocer Co.413 South 7th St.
DetailsHarry Commission Co.815-817 North 4th St.
DetailsHunleth Music Co.514-516 Locust St.
DetailsIndependent Furniture & Moving Co.3917 Olive St.
DetailsLeader Restaurant418 Market St.
DetailsMcSkimming-Kehrman Floral Shop232 North Euclid Ave.
DetailsNeumode Hosiery801 Locust St.
DetailsQuality Dairy Co.
DetailsReilly & Berdollt6326 Bartmer; 8837 Powell Ave.
DetailsSt. Louis County Bank