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DetailsLast NameFirst NameMaiden NameBuilding NameBusiness NameAddress
DetailsLousiana Purchase Exposition
DetailsJames & Sweet Commission Company
DetailsJackson Filter Manufacturing Co.
DetailsJ. W. Wilson & Son
DetailsJ. W. O'Connell Painting Co.
DetailsJ. O. Chenoweth Dying & Cleaning Co.1430 Washington Ave.; 1826-1828 Washington Ave.; 1416-1418 Washington Ave.
DetailsJ. J. Wiedmann Cigar Box Company813-819 Clark Ave.
DetailsJ. H. Crane Furniture Co.3rd St., between Pine & Olive Sts.; corner of 4th & Washington Ave.; 416-418 North 4th St.
DetailsJ. D. Marshall Livery Co.
DetailsJ. A. McNeiley & Son
DetailsIra Perry Pie Co.181-183 South 10th St.
DetailsJasper & Sellmeyer835 North 3rd St.; 830 North 4th St.
DetailsJohn C. Bensiek's Sons Livery & Undertaking Co.Biddle & 6th Sts.; 1117-1123 North Broadway; 1134-1136 North 6th St.
DetailsLewis & Co.
DetailsA. Leschen & Sons Rope Co.920-922 North 1st St.
DetailsLe Sieur Opal Mining Co.
DetailsLangan & Taylor Moving & Storage Co.
DetailsL. Garvey & Co.118 Market St.; 1412 North Broadway
DetailsL. Bertram Cady Company421 Olive St.
DetailsKron Livery & Undertaking Company