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DetailsLast NameFirst NameCorporate NameAddress
DetailsStrassberger Conservatories of MusicGrand & Shenandoah; 2200 St. Louis Ave.
DetailsOtto BrothersRussell & Thurman Aves.
DetailsB. & L. Reitz2855 Shenandoah Ave.
DetailsSinger & Bishop3801 Connecticut, corner Spring
DetailsSouth Side Pressing Club2241 South Grand Ave.
DetailsWeinstein & Kahn Tailoring Co.2241 South Grand Ave.
DetailsMay's Exclusive Millinery StoreGrand & Shenandoah Aves.
DetailsGibson & Wilson's Pure Food Groceries Co.3200 South Grand Ave., corner of Wyoming
DetailsBoehl Hardware Co.3533-3535 South Grand Ave.
DetailsWinkler & Laux3905 Russell Ave.
DetailsSouth Side Auto Company2339-2341-2343 South Grand Ave.
DetailsConservatory Ice Cream ParlorGrand & Shenandoah Ave.
DetailsHackman Bros. GroceryVandeventer & Russell Aves.; 13th & Hickory Sts.
DetailsReifeiss Bros' Meat Market3904 Shenandoah Ave.
DetailsMuegge's Natatorium & GymnasiumGrand Ave. & Hickory St.
DetailsLeahy-Dale Printing and Publishing Co.2727-2729 Franklin Ave.
DetailsKlute Bros.1301-1303 South 7th St., corner of Rutger St.; 1201 Grattan St.
DetailsPevely Dairy Co.3301 Park Ave.
DetailsHauck-Hoerr Bakery & ConfectioneryPark & Ohio Aves.
DetailsAbelGeorgeGrand Jewelry & Optical Co.Grand & Arsenal