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DetailsLast Name, Alternate SpellingFirst NameMaiden NameLast NameBuilding NameBusiness NameAddress
DetailsZipf Surgical and Orthopaedic Supply Company3044 Olive St.; 22 North 2nd St.
DetailsZiegenhein Bros. Chapel2621-2623 Cherokee St.
DetailsZiegelmeyer & Suter218 West Robert Ave.
DetailsWilliam Cullen McBride Catholic Boys' High School
DetailsWiles-Chipman Lumber Co.1234 South Kingshighway
DetailsWidmer Engineering Company
DetailsWesterheide Tobacco and Cigar Company3612-3614 North Broadway; 10th & Franklin Ave.; 4th & Franklin; 20th & Franklin
DetailsWesco Supply Company
DetailsWeis & Jennett Marble Co.3001-3013 Missouri Ave.
DetailsWeick Undertaking and Livery Company409-412 Duchouquette St.; 2201 South Grand Blvd.
DetailsWalters Lumber Co.7858 North Broadway
DetailsW. C. Gordon Undertaking Co.2649-2651 Morgan St.
DetailsW. A. Stock Undertaking Company2117 East Grand Ave.
DetailsVisitation ConventCass Ave.; Cabanne Place
DetailsVirginia Avenue Pharmacy4532 Virginia Ave.
DetailsVenetian Mosaic and Granitoid Co.2211 Clark Ave.
DetailsUrsuline Sisterhood12th St. & Russell Ave.
DetailsUrsuline Convent12th & Russell Aves.
DetailsUniversity Tire and Rubber Company3016 North Grand Blvd.; Kingshighway & St. Louis Ave.
DetailsTreu Pipe Organ Co.1901 North 12th St.