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DetailsMaiden NameFirst NameLast NameBusiness NameAddress
DetailsEagle Stamp Company
DetailsHyde Park Brewery
DetailsGeller, Ward & Hasner Hardware Co.412 & 414 North 4th St.
DetailsConroy's1100 Olive St.
DetailsPlanters Hotel4th & Pine Sts.
DetailsHotel Jefferson12th & Locust Sts.
DetailsAmerican Baseball Athletic and Exhibition Company
DetailsSanitol Chemical Laboratory Co.
DetailsKoken Barber Supply Company2528 Texas Ave.
DetailsMissouri Baptist Sanitarium909 North Taylor Ave.
DetailsMayfield Memorial Hospital
DetailsGeneral Paper Stock Company7th & Carr Sts.; 6th & O'Fallon Sts.
DetailsFrost & Ruffsouthwest corner of 7th & Olive Sts.; 717-725 Locust St.
DetailsAnti-Kamnia Chemical Company1723-1731 Pine St.
DetailsMississippi Glass Company
DetailsBowman, Cost & Company
DetailsCupples Station Light, Heat and Power Co.
DetailsWestern Power and Light Co.6216 Easton Ave.
DetailsWagoner Undertaking Co.3621 Olive St.
DetailsGriesedieck Bros. Brewery Co.19th & Shenandoah Sts.