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DetailsLast NameFirst NameLast Name, Alternate SpellingMaiden NameCorporate NameAlternate Corporate NameSecond Corporate NameAddress
DetailsSt. Mark's Church (English Lutheran)Wash St. near Eliot Ave.
DetailsReillyB.Washington Ave.
DetailsCraneJ.Washington Ave. and 4th St.; 510 North 4th
DetailsBradford & MartinWashington Ave. and 6th St.
DetailsLeete'sWashington Ave. between Ewing and Garrison Aves.
DetailsAndersonRobertWashington Ave. between Jefferson Ave. and Beaumont St.
DetailsCarondelet Parkwest of South 9th St. between Loughborough and Kansas Aves.
DetailsMullanphy Emigrant Homewest side of 14th St. between Mullanphy and Howard Sts.; 307 Locust St.