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DetailsLast NameFirst NameLast Name, Alternate SpellingMaiden NameCorporate NameSecond Corporate NameAddress
DetailsCity Products Corporation
DetailsPaul Brown Buildingsoutheast corner of 9th and Olive Sts.
DetailsFrisco Buildingsouthwest corner of 9th and Olive
DetailsOlin Industries, Inc.
DetailsAmerican Investment Co. of Illinois
DetailsBranchell Company4417 Oleatha Ave.; 1610 Hampton Ave.
DetailsLenox, Inc.
DetailsBuxton & Skinner4th St. between Olive and Locust
DetailsExperience, Inc.
DetailsCommission Row
DetailsDillmann's decorating firm
DetailsSt. Louis Merchants' Exchange Company
DetailsJames H. Forbes Tea and Coffee Company
DetailsGeorge Grassmuck Harness Store1317 North Broadway
DetailsAmerican Wine Company3011 Cass Ave.
DetailsHammons Products Company
DetailsKinloch BuildingFarm and Home Savings and Loan Associationnorthwest corner of 10th and Locust Sts.
DetailsSt. Louis Woman's Exchange503 North 4th St.; 390 North Euclid Ave.
DetailsKatz Drug Company400 block of North Kirkwood Road
DetailsIndustrial Redevelopment Corp.