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DetailsLast NameFirst NameLast Name, Alternate SpellingMaiden NameCorporate NameSecond Corporate NameAddress
DetailsSigoloff Fixture Co.1204 Franklin Ave.
DetailsCentral Hardware Co.815 North 7th; 811 North 6th St.; 4200 Union Blvd.; 1616 South Kingshighway; 6250 Easton Ave.
DetailsRickensohl Furniture Co.16th and Franklin; 825-831 North 8th St.
DetailsRose's Italian Restaurant925 Franklin
DetailsReliable Fixture Co.823 North 8th St.
DetailsWolff Fixture Co.802 North 7th St.
DetailsVoigt's Cutlery Co.816 North 6th
DetailsMechanics Paint Co.715 Franklin; 2410 Woodson Rd.
DetailsParnas Shoe Co.812 North 6th
DetailsFactory Sewing Machine Co.918 Delmar
DetailsV. Arcilesi Olive Oil Supplies Co.1021 Franklin
DetailsGeorge A. Rubelman Hardware Co.907 North 6th
DetailsPerfection Chrome Dinette Co.919 Franklin Ave.; 3348 Ohio St.; 5890 Easton Ave.
DetailsRoyal Wall Papers Inc.605 Franklin; 5897 Easton Ave.
DetailsWebster Stores Co.
DetailsC.E. Williams Shoe Co.829 North 6th
DetailsFranklin Janitor Supply Co.913 Franklin
DetailsFranklin Railroad Salvage Co.914 North Broadway
DetailsSteffelbach & Duffy Co.714 Washington Ave.; 920 Franklin
DetailsR. & R. Equipment and Manufacturing Co.911 North Broadway; 513 Franklin