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DetailsLast NameFirst NameCorporate NameAddress
DetailsJudge & Dolph Drug Stores515 Olive; 7th and Locust; 514 Washington; DeBolivar and Kingsbury [DeBaliviere and Kingsbury]
DetailsFabricius Mercantile Co.1823 Washington Ave.
DetailsTower Grove Bank of St. LouisGrand and Hartford
DetailsSchiwitz-Meuser Bakers and Confectioners Supply Company1001-1003 Chouteau Ave.
DetailsHemmelmann-Spackler Real Estate Company7th and Chestnut Sts.
DetailsFrank L. Dittmeier Real Estate Co.624 Chestnut St.
DetailsRoth-Homeyer Coffee Co.Main St. and Washington Ave.
DetailsR. Mederacke Construction Co.4222 Gravois Ave.
DetailsBreese-Trenton Mining Company
DetailsA. Kron Livery & Undertaking Co.2707 North Grand Ave.
DetailsJ.H. Gebken Livery and Undertaking Co.2329 South Jefferson Ave.; 2842 Meramec St.
DetailsAskemeyer Undertakers5195 Vernon
DetailsC. Hoffmeister Undertaking and Livery Co.7814 South Broadway; 5624 South Compton Ave.
DetailsRobert's "Home Like" Funeral Parlors1905 South Grand Ave.
DetailsPeerless Light Company of Missouri825 Washington Ave.
DetailsHotchner Fur Co.8th and Locust Sts.
DetailsF. Hartman Sunlight Bakery1015 McCausland Ave.
DetailsGus Bange BakeryGrand and Wyoming
DetailsBergesch Undertaking Company3661 Washington Ave.
DetailsWacker-Helderle Undertaking and Livery Co.3634 Gravois Ave.; 2331-2337 South Broadway