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DetailsLast NameFirst NameBusiness NameBuilding NameAddress
DetailsC. Boehmer & Co.
DetailsC. H. Tyler & Co.
DetailsC. R. H. Davis Real Estate Company808 Chestnut St.
DetailsC. Young & Sons Co.1406 Olive St.
DetailsCann & Lynch
DetailsCarthage Marble and White Lime Companysouthwest corner of 9th & Olive Sts.
DetailsCentral HotelWashington corner of 12th
DetailsCentral Manufacturing Company107 Market St.
DetailsCharles F. Luehrmann Hardwood Lumber CompanyMain & Soulard Sts.; Carroll & Kosciusko Sts.
DetailsChas. A. Drach Electrotype Company
DetailsChas. L. Huonker & Son2703 Chouteau Ave.
DetailsChristy Fire Clay Company
DetailsClaes & Lehnbeuter Manufacturing Co7th & Elm Sts.; Washington Ave. & 22nd St.
DetailsCleary and Taylor
DetailsCole & Glass Manufacturing Co.corner of Market & 16th Sts.
DetailsColumbia Club
DetailsColumbia Rubber Company707 Market St.; 519 Locust St.
DetailsCommercial Electrical Supply Company821 Pine St.
DetailsConsumers' Coal Company12th & Gratiot Sts.
DetailsCook Well Company703 & 705 Market St.