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DetailsLast NameFirst NameCorporate NameAddress
DetailsSetzer Upholstering2832 Arsenal St.
DetailsSchweikertJoseph2913 South Broadway
DetailsWitt Funeral Directors2929 South Jefferson Ave.
DetailsSchindler Cleaners3006 Dakota St.
DetailsHartwickFredOld Green Tree Inn306-310 South 2nd St.
DetailsRothackerCharlesCharles A. Rothacker First-Class Bakery and Confectionery3101 Cherokee St.
DetailsGerhardt Bros. Hardware Co.3109 Neosho St.
DetailsMeyer Packing Co., Inc.3123-3127 Cherokee St.
DetailsSenst's Restaurant Delicatessen3141 South Grand Blvd.
DetailsMorganJohnJohn A. Morgan, Inc.3201-3203-3205-3207 Chippewa St.
DetailsNollGeo.Geo. Noll Stair Co.3341 Pennsylvania Ave.
DetailsMalsch's Pastry Shop3405 Chippewa St.
DetailsDriemeierA.A. Driemeier Storage & Moving Company3613-3617 North 20th St.
DetailsWacker-Helderle Undertaking & Livery Co.3634 Gravois Ave.; 2331-2337 South Broadway
DetailsMaierArthurArthur Maier Plumbing Co.3651 Gravois Ave.
DetailsFaulstichAugust3659 Gravois Ave.
DetailsArmbrusterMaxRex Coffee & Tea Co.3726 Gravois Ave.
DetailsWildermuthJohn3742 Minnesota Ave.
DetailsKientzel Noodle Co.3827 Garfield Ave.
DetailsFedder's Market3841 Wilmington Ave.