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DetailsLast NameFirst NameMaiden NameCorporate NameAddress
DetailsC.D. Comfort & Co.2201-2203-2205 Chestnut St.
DetailsEstey & Camp
DetailsEstey Piano Company916 & 918 Olive St.
DetailsVeterans' and Railroad Men's Artificial Leg Manufacturing Co.511 Pine St.
DetailsA.P. Erker & Bro.617 Olive St.
DetailsUrsuline Academycorner of 12th St. & Russell Ave.
DetailsMurphy Varnish Companycorner of Clark Ave. & 4th St.
DetailsEducational Institute900-912 South 9th St.
DetailsKingsland & Ferguson
DetailsBeaumont Hospital Medical Collegecorner of Jefferson Ave. & Pine St.
DetailsHeckel Hardware Co.412 North 12th St.
DetailsCharles A. Drach & Co.
DetailsAmerican Brewing Co.
DetailsAdolphus Busch Brewing Association
DetailsSt. Louis Medical College
DetailsJones' Commercial College
DetailsHuse & Loomis Ice and Transportation Company
DetailsSloane & Kirk
DetailsChemical National Banksoutheast corner of 6th & Locust
DetailsSt. Louis Bank Note Company