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DetailsLast NameFirst NameCorporate NameAddress
DetailsGerhart Sisters1114 Salisbury St.
DetailsGlosemeyer Flour & Milling Co.
DetailsGoddard Grocer Co.
DetailsGoodwin Brothers2613-2615 North Broadway
DetailsGrelle Brothers2136 College Ave.
DetailsGrone & Co.13 & 15 South 11th St.
DetailsHarig Bros.3510 North 11th St.
DetailsHartmann-Nathe Shoe Co.2701 North 14th St., corner Montgomery St.
DetailsHayes Hardware Company2214 Bernays Ave.
DetailsHuelsemann Shoe Companysoutheast corner 14th & Salisbury Sts.
DetailsIndependent Breweries Co.
DetailsJeggle's Bakery8108 North Broadway
DetailsJohn Koch & Sons Livery & Undertaking Co.3615 North 14th St.; 4650 Easton Ave.
DetailsKaletta Company3715-3721 California Ave.
DetailsKardell Motor Car Company4150-4156 Olive St.
DetailsKramme Dry Goods Co.3500-3506 North 11th St.
DetailsKrenning Westermann China Co.914 & 916 North 6th St.; 915 North 6th St.
DetailsKrey Packing CompanyBremen Ave., 21st St. to Florissant Ave.
DetailsKrietemeyer Dry Goods Company2023-2025 Salisbury St.; 4992 Natural Bridge Road
DetailsLowell Bank5000 North Broadway