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DetailsLast NameFirst NameBusiness NameAddress
DetailsMerkel Bros. Book Binding Co.215 Locust St.
DetailsPevely Dairy CompanyGrand & Chouteau
DetailsKetterers Market2937 Nebraska Ave.
DetailsBurgdorf-Reitz Motor Co.3007 Arsenal St.
DetailsBrown's Business College
DetailsTruscheit Wall Paper & Decorating Company2825 Magnolia Ave.
DetailsOtto Brothers2758 Accomac St.
DetailsDiemer Floral Company1805 South Broadway
DetailsPhelan-Faust Paint Manufacturing Co.1008-1010 Pine St.
DetailsSchrand Painting Co.2635 Ohio Ave.; 2534 California Ave.
DetailsHydraulic Press Brick Company
DetailsHemmelmann-Spackler Real Estate Company622 Chestnut St.
DetailsFederer Realty Company
DetailsMarquardt's3346 South Jefferson Ave.
DetailsWitte Hardware Co.
DetailsAmerican Chemical Products Company
DetailsLeader Laundry Co.2315 Texas Ave.
DetailsMueth Plastering Co.3844 Louisiana Ave.
DetailsJung & Heun2127 Lynch St.
DetailsIllinois Life Insurance Co.