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DetailsLast Name, Alternate SpellingFirst NameMaiden NameLast NameBuilding NameBusiness NameAddress
DetailsLangan Brothers Furniture Company18th St. & Washington Ave.
DetailsNew St. John's HospitalEuclid Ave.
DetailsMercy Home22nd & Locust Sts.
DetailsWiles-Chipman Lumber Co.1234 South Kingshighway
DetailsJohn Dennis & Sons2826 Manchester Ave.
DetailsSt. Pius Hospital14th & O'Fallon Sts.
DetailsHenry F. Reis Lumber Company5318 Virginia Ave.
DetailsLeader Upholstering and Furniture Company5218 Virginia Ave.; 3141-3143 Meramec St.
DetailsSt. Rita's private school for colored girls3009 Pine St.; 3128 Laclede Ave.; 4650 South Broadway
DetailsHellrung & Grimm Furniture Co.16th & Cass; 904 Washington Ave.
DetailsAuto Transportation Company310 Walnut St.
DetailsJ. W. Caldewey Construction Company601 Olive St.; 4970 Oakland Ave.
DetailsMullanphy Hospital4th & Spring Sts.; Montgomery & Bacon Sts.
DetailsConvent of Our Lady of Good CounselMass Ave.
DetailsSt. Joseph's Orphan Asylum for Boys4701 South Grand Ave.
DetailsUniversity Tire and Rubber Company3016 North Grand Blvd.; Kingshighway & St. Louis Ave.
DetailsW. A. Stock Undertaking Company2117 East Grand Ave.
DetailsNew St. John's HospitalEuclid & Parkview Aves.
DetailsSharkey Undertaking Company2831 Union Blvd.
DetailsSt. de Chantal Visitation Academy4012 Washington Ave.