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DetailsLast Name, Alternate SpellingFirst NameMaiden NameLast NameBuilding NameBusiness NameAddress
DetailsAdolphUlrich7726 Virginia Ave.
DetailsWilliamWerkmeister7727 Michigan Ave.
DetailsPeterEckhardt773 Lemay Ferry Road
DetailsChristFlier7732 Virginia Ave.
DetailsVal.Bayer7800 Water St.
DetailsC. Hoffmeister Undertaking & Livery Company7814 South Broadway; 5624 South Compton Ave.
DetailsFendler Undertaking Co.7819 Michigan Ave.
DetailsHenryKehlenbrink7832 North Broadway
DetailsGolden Rod Ice Cream Co.7853 North Broadway
DetailsWalters Lumber Co.7858 North Broadway
DetailsJacobSchweikert7th & Barry Sts.; Broadway & St. George St.; 2913 South Broadway
DetailsJacob Kammer Bakery7th & Lynch Sts.
DetailsOliver Oil-Gas Burner Company7th & Market
DetailsAmerican and Annex Hotels7th & Market; 6th & Market
DetailsWilliamWingbermuehle7th & Soulard Sts.; 2929 South Jefferson Ave.
DetailsJohnKlein8033 North Broadway; 8025 North Broadway
DetailsJohnSmeehuyzen8122 North Broadway
DetailsKorte-Rust Realty Company816 Chestnut St.
DetailsKorte-Rust Realty Company816 Chestnut St.
DetailsM. A. Rust & Son Realty Company816 Chestnut St.