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DetailsLast NameFirst NameCorporate NameAddress
DetailsHarris Bros. Cleaners and Pressers4000 Shreve Ave.; 2902 North Vandeventer Ave.; 5009 Lotus Ave.
DetailsEvery Day Coffee Company4225 Euclid Ave.
DetailsEuretta Service StationKingshighway & Farlin
DetailsWm. M. Scott Realty Co.4406 Natural Bridge Ave.
DetailsHartwig-Dischinger Realty Company2808 North Grand Blvd.
DetailsNorthwestern Hotel4919 Natural Bridge
DetailsEuclid Hall4906 Natural Bridge Ave.
DetailsEdw. L. Kuhs Realty Company8321 North Broadway
DetailsAltmann's Shoe Store4743 Natural Bridge Ave.
DetailsRapid Printing and Label Company4910 Natural Bridge
DetailsMelcher-Schene Hardware Co.4800 Natural Bridge Ave.
DetailsStroot-Carroll Undertaking Co.4600 Natural Bridge Ave.
DetailsSieloff Packing Company4339 Natural Bridge Ave.
DetailsRath Bros. Markets4002 Shreve Ave.; 4124 Shreve Ave.
DetailsNorth St. Louis Trust CompanyGrand Blvd. at Hebert St.
DetailsEuclid Service StationEuclid & Margaretta Ave.
DetailsJones Drug Co.4887 Natural Bridge Ave.
DetailsHarris Bros. Cleaners and Pressers4006 Shreve Ave.
DetailsWm. Scott Realty CompanyFlorissant Ave. & Goodfellow
DetailsStock and Son Realty Company