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DetailsLast NameFirst NameMaiden NameCorporate NameAddress
DetailsWiedemeyer and Streit
DetailsCharles S. Sievers' Drug Store3901 St. Louis Ave.
DetailsLe Guerrier Auto Repair Co.4719 Delmar Blvd.; Kingshighway & Easton
DetailsKammell & Son2243 Mullanphy St.; 2121 Madison Ave.
DetailsStar Dyeing and Cleaning Company2515-2517-2519-2521 Grand Blvd.; 4150 West Florissant Ave.; 2251 Thurman Blvd.; 5585 Pershing Ave.; 6506 Delmar Blvd.; 2293 Yale Ave.
DetailsPonath-Bruewer Printing Company12th & Benton Sts.; 1308 North Market; 1515 Newhouse Ave.
DetailsStock-Peterman House Furnishing Company1419-1421 Salisbury St.; 3719-3721-3723 North 14th St.; southeast corner of Union & Natural Bridge Aves.
DetailsEagle Cooperage Company1619-1627 Blair Ave.
DetailsTheiling-Lothman Manufacturing Company9th & Bremen Ave.
DetailsStrassberger Music School2335 Warren St.
DetailsSt. Louis Ave. Service StationPrairie & St. Louis Aves.
DetailsStrodtman & Strodtman3607 North Broadway
DetailsA.L. Lloyd Electric Co.2026 Penrose St.; 4020 North Florissant Ave.; 1514 Angelrodt St.
DetailsBorbein Motor, Rim and Wheel Co.3339 Lindell Blvd.
DetailsW.A. Wehmueller Hardware Co.5000 Beacon Ave.
DetailsTailor's Cleaning and Dyeing Company1710 North Garrison Ave.
DetailsStettner & Thoma Brewery
DetailsLayton's Market2515 North 22nd St.; 15th & Chambers St.
DetailsKuhlmann Motor Sales Company3114-3116-3118 Cass Ave.
DetailsLindell Trust CompanyGrand Blvd. & St. Louis Ave.