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DetailsBuilding NameSecond Building NameAddress
Details10-16 South 23rd St.
Details1010A-1016A South 23rd St.
Details1020 South 18th St.
Details1022-1024 North Broadway
Details1026-1028 Hickory St.
Details1033 North Compton Ave.
Details107-109 North Channing Ave.
Details1102-1104 Morrison Ave.
Details1108-1110-1112 South Compton Ave.
Details1110 North Channing Ave.
Details118 Walnut St.
Details1205 Sidney St.
Details1217 Prairie Ave.
Details1218-1220-1222 North 6th St.
Details1225 Temple Place
Details1233 Linden St.
Details1234-1236-1238 South 7th St.
Details1235 Linden St.
Details1235 South 6th St.
Details1236 Clark Ave.